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creativeowkrshopsherwin To prepare myself for being a designer on demand, I picked up a copy of David Sherwin’s Creative Workshop. I have only read the introduction and started the first challenge, but I’m hoping that it helps me get into the practice of designing more.

The first challenge is to design a logo for yourself and you are to spend 10 minutes answering six questions about yourself. For some reason, I misread the instructions to mean that I had 10 minutes to design the entire logo for myself and frantically began sketching things out. I did answer the questions but they didn’t inform my design as much as I feel that it probably should have.

I spent most of my 10 minutes sketching out ideas and writing myself notes on a piece of paper that my non-designer husband found funny. This is the way that I work.


Time: Approximately 5 minutes

I have had my new initials for a little over 2 months now and find the letter “I” to be very cumbersome to work with. However I immediately was trying to connect it to the E in some fashion. Both are very blocky and linear and I thought there simply had to be some way to connect them.

After some “writing to myself” I settled on the idea of trying to make them appear more like puzzle pieces and by the end of 10 minutes, 14 seconds had a rough sketch of it.

That’s when I turned back to the book and realized this was supposed to be a 30 minute design challenge. So I plopped into Illustrator because that is where you go when you’re making logos. I set up my work station – because I never thought to do that at home, I only ever had done it at school – and set to the task of putting together a logo. I spent 16 minutes creating the shapes and beginning to fiddle with color:


It’s not a terrible design but I’m also not totally sold on it. I’m not sure if I’m going to go through the process of putting it on the website, resume, cover letter and otherwise but it is definitely something that I can return to if I decided I wanted to explore a personal logo for myself in the future.

Total Time: 26 minutes
Tools Used: Pen & Paper, Stopwatch, Adobe Illustrator

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