City Map: Orthandu

I spent most of my time today visiting a relative in the hospital and consequently only spent 2 hours on today’s design challenge – leaving me with a solid plan for a map to finish tomorrow.

Today I began work on a city on my north western continent: Orthandu.


I decided to recreate the coastline as best as I could in a new illustrator file and began work. I also used Fantastic Map’s post about How to Design a Town to help me get going.


Total Project Time: 45 Minutes.

I knew that this town had a teleportation circle and a portal to Sigil. So I placed these and some of the major roads. For most of this I was using the pen and path but eventually turned to the pencil tool. I found that I could draw single line paths like roads quicker and could delete extraneous anchor points and smooth out the path.

Most of my time was wasted trying to locate old files I had used for map symbols. I think I’m going to have to develop my own assets for city symbols. Something universal for an inn, a temple or church, and markets. That might be tomorrow’s project.


In the end I have a solid beginning for a map that I never had a physical representation for before.

Total Project Time: 2 Hours
Tool: Adobe Illustrator

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