Personal Logo – Revised

Before I could turn to a new challenge in the book, the personal logo was bothering me. I didn’t really like it and I had this idea of putting an E and I on the opposite side of a business card and filling out information between the shape that the two letters created. I then saw how to the E and half of an I could form something like a puzzle piece if placed in a confined area and hence, I was back in Illustrator:

Time: 5 minutes (maybe)

After wiggling some of my lines around in Illustrator to make the E and I look even, I set to it with my eraser.

Time: 6 minutes (maybe)

But it didn’t end here, what about a circle? I spent a few moments squishing down my letters to better fit within the circle

Time: 7-8 minutes

Then came a few more duplicate circles, some intersections, and a final logo idea as a circle.

Time: 10 minutes

After making the intersections with a stroked circle, I realized that it did not cut out the E properly for some reason and did it all over in outline form to make sure I wasn’t messing it up. This then allowed me to recolor things properly where I spent a solid 10 minutes playing with the color swatches:


Total Project Time: 20 additional minutes after 70 minutes of ‘personal logo’ challenge
Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Pen & Paper

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