Wedding Invitation

Due to my focus on origami cranes for the wedding, I decided to look up what vectors existed for them. I came up with the following in a quick search:


Project Time: 5 minutes

I wanted a bottom splash of color and settled on purple as it is my favorite color and also roughly the accent color we were using. Everything from cupcakes to my shoes to flowers were some variation of purple without having to be dedicated to a specific shade.

I spent some time trying to arrange the cranes along the left third and decided I didn’t like that. Instead I moved onto wording.

Project Time: 30 minutes

My parents are the ones monetarily supporting the wedding as the sole contributors. After spending too much time on the internet reading how to’s and etiquette I settled on this. I decided to use two of the cranes, one purple and one black, to signify us.


Project Time: 1 Hour

I then spent the next half hour attempting to find some sort of neat vector design to put along the left side. This was one of my more favored ones, customizing the various rings to our colors and changing the bottom border to black. My other half? Less than thrilled.

Project Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

Somehow I stumbled upon this vector. Slightly Japanese-looking and with enough of a purple as if to appear intentional. These were emailed to guests as there isn’t much time before the wedding!

Total Project Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator

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